Look things happen! If you break or crack your screen TotalTech has you covered!

If you’ve dropped your computer, stepped on it, or just had a bad day you may be looking at getting a laptop screen replacement. If you’re in the Denver Metro Area TotalTech has you covered. We offer great fixed prices on labor, low prices on screens and a standard 1 year warranty!
We replace Apple screens too! Have a powerbook, macbook, or macbook pro? Look no further!

Our Laptop Screen Services include:

  • Crack screen replacement

    Denver laptop screen repair

  • Bleeding Screen replacement
  • Power inverter replacement
  • Dim Screen Repair
  • Screen turning on and off repair
  • Screen Lines Repair
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • MacBook Screen Repair
  • Netbook Screen Repair
  • and MORE!
We carry many options for new and used screens in stock! No waiting weeks to get your laptop going!


Remember the Diagnostics are always free! There are no trip fees! and We Provide Great Pricing!

So what are you waiting for? Set up your appointment today!