Let’s face it! Laptops may overheat.

Their vents become clogged with dirt, the fans may fail, the chipset can become enjoined or other problems may arise. TotalTech can not only fix your overheating problem and make it run cooler. We also put 1 year standard warranties on all overheating repairs.

Continued use of a laptop that is overheating can result in a total loss of your computer. So if your in Denver and your computer needs to cool down give us a call!

Our overheating repairs include.

  • Fan Replacements
  • Heat sink replacement | Repairs
  • Thermal conductor repairs
  • Processor Repairs | Replacements
  • Reflow Repairs
  • Chipset Reflow | Repairs
Remember the Diagnostics are always free! There are no trip fees! and We Provide Great Pricing!

So what are you waiting for? Set up your appointment today!